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Is LinkedIn and FB Getting you Jobs – Give / Get the Facts – Participate in our Survey !

Sometime ago we started a Survey which is STILL on as under :

Title : ‘Effectiveness of Job Ads on “Social Media ” like LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter etc.’
Survey at :
Or Via :

Attached / Hereunder are the Results so far, for your own conclusions :

Exact Field summary for Result
Question : What was the BEST RESULT of your Application(s) ?
Answer Percentage
A Job Offer (Off) 1.75%
An Interview (Int) 8.77%
A Call / E-mail from the Advertiser (Call) 10.53%
NOTHING Happened ! (Noth) 21.05%
Not Relevant since Never Applied to Any Job via any Social Media Site (NR) 57.89%

This is the Response Summary of one question.

HOWEVER, the Responses presently are only around 60 odd . Even NO response is a Response I suppose, but I want to make this a GENUINE Survey !!

So please, please DO participate – it will take less than two minutes ” Momofuku ” time ! Ha Ha

Once the Survey finishes, people who leave their E-mail Addresses will be sent a Comprehensive Report, spliced/diced in many MORE ways .Feeling Good

So please DO participate via the links provided above. ALSO please share this post / Forward the attached PDF File ( has a nice pie chart too of the results so far 🙂 to all your friends so that they may put their views as well. Thank you !



Know any good Homologation Engineer – Motorcycles ?


COMPANY :  With a history of more than 100 years in the World, it is an iconic brand with a similar status in India as well.

PROFILE : DEGREE ( Full Time, essential ) with 4-6 years experience as under in Top 2 Wheeler Manufacturing Companies
–  To maintain regulatory compliance of motorcycles at  through continuous homologation tests
–  To ensure company meets launch target of new models and business plan, through timely approval from Govt. Test Agencies.
– To keep close watch on international & domestic new regulation formulation and to raise company concern for the same, if required.
–  Study of new models for regulation compliance.
–  Advance Info  any drawing level non compliance.
–  Identification of Vehicle & Component tests required for homologation
–  Pre Homologation tests for regulation verification.
–  Preparation of Technical Specification for Homologation
–  Tracking & Countermeasure of Tests results in case of failures.
–  Coordination with Govt. Test Agency for Tests.
–  Coordination with Maker for Component Homologation.
–  Clearance for all tests & reports from Govt. Test agency
–  Decision making regarding new regulation stance
–  Maintain Legal documents like Type Approval certificates etc.
–  Advance new regulation verification for various models
–  Approval of  models to new notified new regulations
–  Study of draft new regulations .
–  Control of section budget and payment to Govt. Agencies
–  Preparation of Regulatory updates presentation to top management.
–  Coordination for quarterly COP from Govt. agencies.
–  Extension approval of running mass production design changes.
–  Compilation & Documentation of regulation meetings minutes
–  Liasoning with Govt. Agencies like  ARAI / iCAT / TUV / VRDE / CIRT
–  Preparation for ISO Internal & External audits.

–  Good Technical know-how of Automotive technology
–  High degree of inter-personal skills and management
–  Excellent Communication & presentation skills at highest levels
–  Logical reasoning / decision making / statistical analysis
–  Need to maintain confidentiality at all levels

SALARY : Upto around Rs. 8 lacs pa
Position requires some travel

LOCATION : Near Delhi

SPECIAL NOTE : This is NOT a ” job “, it is an opportunity to acquire a Brand Identity on your CV which will help you all through your life ! Only people with such strong interest and motivation will survive the rigorous selection procedure !!

a) REGISTERED CANDIDATES : Should apply via for priority handling and response by the Support Manager for this position. They can also speak to the Employer / Support Manager for an on the spot evaluation and response since they will be able to see their CONTACT DETAILS  on logging in.

b) OTHERS  : Are strongly suggested to REGISTER with My Top Job for advantages as above for this as well as all similar jobs . To register, please click hereunder :

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If you do not want to register, you can also send a mail as under  :

a) Mail

b) Subject of Mail : Application for Assistant Manager Homologation – Job ref. JXPYT/01

Please explain in your E-mail how best you fit into the role and your Present / Expected Salary.

Best of luck in your Career Endeavors !