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The Viva

This is indeed hilarious and reminded me of my Engineering Days ! Vivas were always a pain in the b… 🙂 And various means were tried but generally not with as hilarious results as these ! See the video below the snap.

The Viva
The Viva

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Social Networking and your (Next ) Job !

So which one you want to keep …..the present one or the ” Next” one ? 🙂 )

Social Interviewing !

And here is the ad. which started this all :

Desired Skills:

  1. Knowledge and use of social media/social networks considered an asset
  2. Ability to work independently and as a part of a team
  3. Experience with Radian6, video, photography considered an asset
  4. Klout Score of 35 or higher

They sure got what / who they were looking for !

Time to join the Klout wagon ?

via Social Networking and your (Next ) Job ! | Top Jobs, Top Talent, Top Employers – and everything in between !.

Your thought ? – LinkedIn Endorsements: “ShowGrooming”

LinkedIn Endorsements: “ShowGrooming”.

Andy Foote

I’ve coined a new term to describe LinkedIn Endorsements: “ShowGrooming”.


I equate LinkedIn Endorsements with apes making a highly visible show of grooming one another, status may be involved but it’s an activity which is practical and done for show that brings the troop together. So next time you click on that Endorsement button, try getting that particular visual out of your memory! Hey Fred! You missed a bit, “Blogging”.

via LinkedIn Endorsements: “ShowGrooming”. | linkedinsights.

Salary Negotiations !

Reaching the end of a job interview, the Human Resources Person asked the young marketing executive, ‘what starting salary were you looking for?’

The candidate said, ‘Somewhere around 100,000 pounds a year, depending on the benefits package.’

The HR Person said, ‘Well, what would you say to a package of 6-weeks holiday, bank holidays, full medical and dental, full pension, and a company car replaced every 2 years with all the tax paid. The Engineer sat up straight and said, ‘Wow!!! Are you kidding?’

The HR Person said ” Well buddy, you started it !”


तेरे घर के सामने ….इक घर बसाऊंगा ….;-))

तेरे घर के सामने …. (via

तेरे घर के सामने ….इक घर बसाऊंगा ….;-)) तेरे घर के सामने ….इक घर बसाऊंगा  ..more at