A Bird In Hand….

Time : Circa January 2012

Assignment :  Quite an interesting one, for a Salesforce.com CRM Administrator ( Our Job Reference JXGPR/09 .. still floating on the Net somewhere ! )

Found Mr. N after quite an extensive search due various constraints of the Client ( location, budget … ) . Mr. N was  unemployed at the time and keenly looking for a good opportunity ( was he lucky ? ) . Phone interview followed up with a personal interview for which he was called at Company Headquarters and lodged in Company Guesthouse.

Not a v. good fit. But Client in hurry since Trainers from Germany coming in. Exhibitions planned etc. So , offer given to the Mr. N to join immediately. Salary etc. as per our discussions with him.

Mr. N starts dragging his feet  saying he was looking for more $$$$. Finally he accepts offer.

But does NOT join !

As of July 2012, he is still looking for a “better opportunity “!!

Lessons ?


Anything good /bad/ugly to say ? Do !

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